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This page contains links for downloading demos, software and sample configurations. Simply click on the links to download them.

If you are looking for tech notes, manuals and other documentation, please visit our Documentation page.

These samples/demos are provided only for demo purposes and can not be used on a real process. We do not provide technical support on these samples/demos.

MOD30ML and MODCELL MultiLoop Controllers Configuration Demos

File Name File Description Version Size
Demos Demo databases for MOD 30ML in ViZapp format with displays and .MIF files, XModbus OPC Server file and documentation in .PDF format.
Read the Demos.pdf after downloading.

This demo package consists of the following demos:
1. Drum level control
2. Evaporator control
3. Heat Exchanger control
4. Pump station control
5. Batch Reactor
6. Retort control
7. Tank gauging
8. Filter backwash for water
1.0 1.83 MB Sample database to duplicate MOD 30 XL Controller. The zip file contains a ViZapp Database (.AFBD) file. Most of the MOD 30 blocks are configured. But functions like DTC, Autotune are not available. 1.0 39 KB Demo database with multiple Ramp-Soak profiles for a PID Loop. The demo enables selecting of the desired profile from a menu and also tuning the profiles during runtime. There is also a display available to view the current segment and time remaining in that segment.

The zip file includes the Profiles.afbd (database), .id1 (compiled database) and also Profiles.MIF, Profiles.TIF and Profiles.MRF for connecting to Standard and Extended Modbus hosts.
4 1.82 MB
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MOD30ML and MODCELL MultiLoop Software

File Name File Description Version Size
DefaultGallery Latest Default Gallery file for ViZapp (zipped file)   844 K
Sentinel_Protection_Installer.exe Sentinel Pro Driver Update 7.6.8 9.0 M HardLock Driver Update 5.22 4.82 M
APBLDUPD.exe INSTALL.EXE updated to correct problems encountered when installing 2006S Application Builder Software to fast PCs (i.e. 200MHz or faster Pentium)   46 K
Mif2iFIX MIF to iFIX File Conversion Utility 2 949 K Digi One IAP Sample Configuration 2 2 K
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File Name File Description Issue Size MOD 30ML Overview Presentation   3 Mb
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